Jobs and careers in this sector typically offer more equitable wages, require less formal education for entry, and are projected to grow over the next decade.

Today’s construction and industrial materials facilities offer a wide and diverse set of well-paying jobs and careers, including everything from engineers to heavy equipment operators and project managers and estimators, surveyors, trainers, safety officers and many more. The average California wage in mining is $76,500, in construction $65,000.

One of the great things about a career in construction and materials careers is that every job has a clear and definitive impact on everyone and everything in every community throughout California. While people may only see our trucks transporting materials or the hard hat construction crews on the road, there is an army of equipment operators, drivers, laborers, architects, engineers, designers, safety officers and support staff that make it one of the most diverse working environments possible. We’re passionate about making our jobs and careers the best they can be, and want others to know just how big a role in day-to-day life our industry plays. The majority of workers typically have short- to long- term on-the-job training and generally need less education to qualify for entry.