What Types Of Jobs Are Available?

Today, companies in the construction and industrial materials sector offer a variety of high-wage jobs – from entry-level positions on up to professional degree level positions. It takes a skilled and dynamic team working in a diverse range of jobs – from the office to the field – to provide California with the materials needed for our modern day living and quality of life.

In Their Own Words

Our featured videos highlight some of the men and women working in the construciton and industrial materials sectors. From Mechanic,to Materials Manager, from Heavy Equipment Manager to Engineer, as well as entry-level on up to degree positions.

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Types Of Jobs And Experience

Entry-Level Positions

(High School or Equivalent)

Industry Entry-Level Positions

Concrete Workers  •  Construction  •  Customer Service  •  Dispatchers  •  General Laborers  •  Groundskeepers  •  Heavy Equipment Operators  •  Landscapers  •  Loading/Unloading Materials  •  Maintenance  •  Office Clerical  •  Ready Mix Delivery Drivers  •  Security  •  Truck Drivers  •  Warehouse  •  Weigh Masters

Technical Positions

(Trade School & Jr College)

Industry Technical Positions

Administrative Managers  •  Bookkeepers  •  Concrete Workers  •  Diesel Mechanics   •  Dispatchers  •  Electricians  •  Equipment Managers  •  Fleet Managers  •  Heavy Equipment Mechanics  •  IT Technicians Lab Technicians  •  Maintenance Mechanics  •  Off-Road (Heavy Equipment) Operators  •  Ready Mix Delivery Drivers  •  Truck Drivers  •  Welders

Professional Positions

(College Degree)

Industry Professional Positions

Accountants  •  Biologists  •  Business Administrators  •  Chemists  •  Construction Managers  •  Design Engineers  •  Engineers Environmental Specialists  •  Geologists  •  Human Resources Personnel  •  Mine Superintendents  •  Public Relations/Government Relations  •  Safety Specialists  •  Sales & Marketing  •  Scientists

What It Pays:

It Takes Work…

Our Job Types Flyer lists entry-level positions on up to degree and professional-level positions.

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